Small wind turbines

img1Modern technologies of wind and solar radiation utilization were hugely developed in past 20 years. This category of resources inherently represent small wind turbines with rotor diameter up to 200m2. Nowadays is usual to use this technologies for obtaining electrial energy not only in places without public grid. Energy gined this way may serve for lighting, electronics power supply, water and house heating. SWT generate pure energy and can help with CO2 emission regulation.

Hybrid connections

img2Wind and sun are changing resources of energy. They are complementary to each other and are necessary for example in continuous operation in telecommunication. The sun is often shining during periods of low wind speed and vice versa. Where a continuous connection of high input is required, it is possible to back up production with a small motor-aggregate. By using a hybrid connection you can reduce costs of storage batteries. Connection of a wind turbine for water heating combined with a solar collector or heating pump give rise to system boosting effectivity of the whole set. It is generally installed in a locality with suitable wind conditions for such solutions. In this case a small wind turbine can replenish a standby electric source or can be switched into the home distribution of electricity after warming up water to its peak. Aerplast s.r.o. offers consultancy and technicial assistance including budgeted costs and complete installation.